H&R Block Tax Refund Software, Get Your Money Back!

H&R Block At Home

Now you can prepare and file your return from the comfort of your own home with HR Block At Home software. All those days of gathering up all your paperwork and treading in to the office of you local tax preparation specialist are over for good.

With today's full service tax programs you are fully guided every step of the way. On top of that, all your calculations are guaranteed accurate and your return is checked for audit triggers so you can make changes if needed before filing.

With H&R Block At Home Products you get to choose from online tax preparation over the internet or, desktop tax preparation where the software is downloaded or installed from a CD so that you can work right on your computer without an internet connection.

H&R Block Online Versions Include:

H&R Block Online Tax Preparation >>

  • HR Block At Home Federal Free Edition
  • HR Block At Home Basic Edition
  • HR Block At Home Deluxe Edition
  • HR Block At Home Premium Edition
  • HR Block At Home Premium Home and Business

The advantages to using the online versions of these tax preparation products include:

  1. Never worry about slowing down your computer due to installing and possibly overloading software.
  2. Never worry about loosing your work due to a computer crash, all progress is stored safe and sound online in a secure place.
  3. Work from any computer anywhere you have internet access. Start online on your home computer and finish anywhere you have a computer with internet access.
  4. Get the full range of support from the online support system and community.

H&R Block At Home Desktop Software Download and CD Installation Versions:

H&R Block Desktop Software Versions

  • At Home Basic Software
  • At Home Deluxe Software
  • At Home Premium Software
  • At Home Premium Home & Business Software

Now these versions have a few advantages of their own to boast about and a few of these benefits include:

  1. Work on your taxes anytime you want regardless of whether you have an internet connection or not.
  2. Help friends or family by preparing their returns on your computer with the pre-installed software from a download or cd installation.
  3. Keep your tax  documentation safe and secure on your own computer to access anytime you need to review any of the forms you prepared.
  4. Installing the software from a CD or Download is easy by following the HR Block installation procedures listed here.

Overall, H&R Block At Home online and desktop versions have seen significant improvements over the last several years.  Most users will never need more help than is already available within these comprehensive tax program but, support representatives are available as needed.

H&R Block At Home continues to offer the best features in each version as compared to other leading brands, although state tax preparation can be pricey, as is the case with other popular tax software. If you file a state tax return, use a bundled version that includes a state return to help lower costs.

H&R Block At Home versions offer a fantastic value as the tax interview process moves you along at a quick pace and enhanced search features allow easy access to tax information makes H&R Block At Home one of the best choices for tax software this year.

Regardless of what your tax situation is, H&R Block can help you create an accurate income tax return with their tax filing products and get it efiled to get your refund fast.

Backed by nearly 60 years of tax preparation experience, HR Block At Home is the best tax refund software choice you can make. H&R Block has helped prepare over 550 million returns last year which lead to their clients receiving over $50 billion in tax refund money. H&R Block Software supports all types of tax forms and provides simple federal eFiling for free.

H&R Block employes over 100,000 tax professionals and offers a wide range of tax services from free simple eFiling, to online of self-employment and rental income declarations. With thousands of local offices that you can visit, if you need help, their just a short distance away. In fact, they boast that there's generally an H&R Block office within five miles of most Americans.

The H&R Block Online and Download software choices offer tax preparation service that can even provide one-on-one support through their Block Live service. With this service you can work with a tax professional by online video conference, instant chat or telephone. You can also access H&R Block services from any iPhone or Android device as well as an iPad.