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H&R Block Canada 2018 - 2019

The H&R Block Canadian Product Line

The H&R Block Canada tax filing products serve a variety of individuals, from students and life events , to seniors and Americans living in Canada. With a professionally designed product line their personal tax service software ensures that the needs of each client is met. Whether you would like direct assistance from one of our tax professionals, or are searching for an easy way to prepare your taxes on your own, the choice is clear, choose H&R Block.

HR Block Canadian Tax Preparation

The tax professionals at H&R Block offer convenient, accurate, and affordable solutions for all types of tax returns. As Canada's leading tax preparers, H&R Block is equipped and prepared to handle any tax situation, including personal returns, rental properties, estate/trust, and more.

They guarantee that you will get the maximum refund possible. GUARANTEED!.

With H&R Block you are sure to get all the support you need for the best result on your tax return.

H&R Block Canada has been a leader in compassion throughout the region and a leader in charity as they donated hundreds of thousands worth of tax preparation to participating United Way organizations and Food Bank clients across Canada every year. Every return in the program is prepared by a trained tax professional and is covered by the gracious Block Advantage.

Canadian H&R Block offices also support local food banks through the national Block Hunger food drive. Tax professionals and their clients are encouraged to bring in non-perishable food items during National Tax Advice Week which is collected to help support food banks in each community.

Along with these efforts, lower income taxpayers may qualify for benefits and credits that they can access by filing a tax return. while it may seem like an intimidating process at times, the tax credits could make a big difference in your final result.

For several years, H&R Block Canada has been working with community groups like the United Way and Food Banks of Canada to help lower income Canadians file a tax return and receive all the benefits they may be entitled to claim. Every Canadian deserves their Maximum Refund possible.

H&R Block Canadian Online Tax Preparation

Taxes Anytime, Anywhere - Online Tax Preparation and Filing. Now you can simplify your tax preparation process by preparing your taxes online. With H&R Block's online income tax filing, you can prepare your return easier than ever before from the comfort of your own home, anytime day or night.

Designed by industry experts, the online do-it-yourself program is easy, flexible, and completely secure to use. You'll spend much less time and money completing your income taxes, and more time doing the all things you actually want to do.

With HR Block Canada, the first family member return is only $15.95 and a second is only $10.00 more. Additional family members are free! Now you get the convenience of preparing your taxes online - anytime, anywhere - and at a great low price.

The tax preparation process is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Gather your T3, T4, T5 or other income slips, along with your deduction slips for RRSPs, childcare expenses, etc.
  2. Answer simple questions as each screen walks you through your return step by step, and our program will do the rest. It will pick the forms you need, do all the calculations, and check for errors.
  3. File and print. Electronically file your federal return for the fastest refund, or print the CRA and MRQ approved forms to sign and mail.