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H&R Block Premium 2018 - 2019

The H&R Block Premium At Home Edition is a super nice piece of investment education all rolled up in a tax preparation software package. Truthfully speaking, you can take a lot of financial education classes on your stocks and rental property investments and still not get the advanced knowledge and information that's included in these knowledge based income tax software packages.

H&R Block tax preparation software products have virtually perfected the tax filing process with today's software. These packages are preprogrammed to answer any questions you may have along with finding every deduction for your tax filing process.

H&R Block Premium is an ideal choice if you need:

  • Schedule C guidance
  • Tax laws and planning resources
  • Rental property assistance
  • Advanced tax calculators
  • FREE live tax advice

As an investor, it's always important to try and qualify for every deductions possible in order to keep your tax bill low. It doesn't make a lot of sense to work hard all year long at your investments just to give a lump sum to Uncle Sam.

HR Block Premium Review

Everything the investor needs to prepare your income taxes with ease.

As an investor I know you need a software package that can help you get the most out of investments. I have found the HRBlock Premium Edition is one of the best ways to insure I'm getting every deduction I can out of my investments.

Supported Platforms

H&R Block Premium - Mac & Windows

Works with most operating systems.

Online: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / Mac OS X

HR Block Premium 2018 Software

More Details:

H&R Block Premium Features

H&R Block Online Tax Preparation Software Editions - Comparison Chart

This Premium Software Edition includes everything from the Deluxe Edition, along with additional Premium Features for rental property investments, premium support and more.

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It's easy to get overwhelmed with all the credits, benefits and deductions that you could be qualifying for on your tax return. The H&R Block Premium Editions clean interface can help you get a grip in several ways. Get your tax questions answered in a user friendly way, with today's formatting it's easy to get the right answers than it used to be.

The investing markets are very diverse financial entities that can take you in many different directions from the financial markets to real estate, small business and more.

Getting your wits about you with a top rated tax return product is the best move you can take to make sure your taking full advantage of every deduction you can. H&R Block helps you do just that in easily with a fully guided format.

With the H&R Block Premium Edition, you can import your investment information from popular financial programs like Microsoft Money and Quicken. This import feature helps you accurately report investment sales by guiding you through the process and automatically calculating your capital gains and losses for you.

H&R Block Premium is an amazing education tool to help you sharpen your skills when it comes to taking advantage of all the financial deductions available for investors and investments.

H&R Block Premium Features

I have been using H&R Blocks tax programs for many years and have always been very happy with them, this year is no exception.

My taxes are a little more complicated since I have my own business and rental properties as well.

H&R Block Premium makes preparing my taxes a breeze, and a lot cheaper than hiring a professional.

With the Premium Features, you can choose to import data or enter it all data manually. I import previous years taxes along with w-2s, charitable contribution, rental income and expenses, etc. It's a great program that integrates well with top rated financial management software brands.

For those that have to pay state income taxes in addition their federal, it's wise to purchase both programs since they integrate well and your state taxes can be filled out by the time you get done with the federal as the information transfers between both with the exception of a few questions that you may need to answer.

Fortunately they are not packaged together for those that don't need to file a state return, and you can always purchase the state later rather than getting them together. It should be note that it is more expensive to do it that way.

With top features you should know that even if you haven't used tax software before or are new to the HR Block brand, it's a super easy to use product line.

Even if you have difficult tax preparation requirements there's no need to be intimidated or worried about trying this product before going to a professional. I fully believe you will find that it is much easier to use than you think.

H&R block offers a money back guarantee so you really have nothing to lose.

H&R Block Premium Online

Premium Features:

H&R Block Premium now checks for errors as you go along. In most cases the software will provide immediate feedback.

In previous years, most error checking would take place in a final steps.

H&R Block Premium features included in the Premium Edition are:

  • Personalized tax guidance for popular occupations and specific deductions.
  • Audit support with guidance, plus an H&R Block enrolled agent to represent you in the event of an audit. Included when you file a federal or state return.
  • Live tax advice from an H&R Block tax professional.
  • Guidance for reporting investments, dividends, home sales, and retirement income.
  • Money-saving tools for self-employed Schedule C filers.
  • Advice, tips, and planning tools for the upcoming year.
  • Easily import W-2, 1099, and data from last year's return.
  • Quickly import data from TaxCut, TurboTax, Quicken, Microsoft Money, and H&R Block DeductionPro software.
  • H&R Block DeductionPro software to maximize tax savings from donations.

With H&R Block Premium Features you also get access to a tax advisor for free which can be helpful, and is an included advantage of this brand over other brands.

In addition there is audit assistance with this if you efile, although hopefully you will never need to use it.

Updates are free and automatic for the online edition, and it does ask you permission to update the desktop versions but that is pretty much the extent of updating since it's all automated from there.

H & R Block Premium asks the questions and you fill in the blanks. You can get more information and help with any topic you need at anytime from any screen. You can also get the actual publication information from the IRS if you desire. Tax preparation may sound a little  intimidating, but with a simple formatted program like this it's very easy.

Additional Features of H&R Block Premium help you with:

  • What if scenarios, You can go in and change numbers to see how it effects your taxes so you can better estimate for future tax years.
  • H&R Block helps with tips, warnings and suggestions for red flags or errors on your return.