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H&R Block Desktop Software Download / CD 2018 - 2019

H&R Block Desktop Software Editions are available in Download or CD installation versions. They allow you to work on your return anywhere, anytime without being on the internet. You can prepare your return without an internet connection. which allows you much more freedom.

H&R Block Software

HR Block offers free efile along with all their tax software editions, which makes it nice to complete all the filing processes at once.

Purchase and download your H&R Block program by clicking the banner ad here and selecting the proper edition you need for your tax filing situation.    go >>

After the download is complete, you can double-click the file to install your H&R Block tax software on your computer as a desktop installation.

After you've purchased a H&R Block Software downloadable product, you can start your tax preparation anytime you wish. Check for HR Block Discount Coupon Sale Products.

Additional H&R Block Desktop Software Help is Available for:

  • Purchasing a replacement CD.
  • Retrieving orders you may have purchased using a different user ID. Retrieve your user ID.
  • resolving problems with Unknown file types when attempting to install your download
  • For other download-related issues or questions, refer to the H&R Block Articles online.

H&R Block Computer Based Software Editions

Tips for Dial-Up Customers

Because they are so big, product downloads can be difficult to download using a dial-up connection.

If you have access to another computer with a high-speed Internet connection, download H&R Block to a CD or flash drive from that computer so you can install it on your dial-up computer. Here's how:

  • Insert a CD or attach a flash drive to a computer with a high-speed connection.
  • Download H&R Block and save it to the desktop.
  • Burn the download to the CD (or copy it to your flash drive).
  • Delete the file on the desktop and remove the CD or flash drive.

To install H&R Block on your dial-up computer:

  • Insert the CD or attach the flash drive to your computer.
  • Look for the H&R Block icon on the CD or flash drive, and then copy it to your computer's desktop.
  •  On your desktop, double-click the H&R Block icon to begin the installation process.

H&R Block Software for Preparing and Filing Small Business Taxes

H&R Block Has a Solution for Your Small Business

Whether you work from home, freelance or run a small business with employees, H&R Block has you covered with industry specific tax  preparation guidance.

Give H&R Block Desktop Software a try and save some extra cash this tax season by downloading and preparing your income tax return yourself right from your own home...

With HR Block downloadable and CD installation products it's easier than ever to prepare and file returns for family members and friends all from one product purchase. Multiple filings cost extra.

How to update H&R Block At Home from within the each tax programs interface:

Open the program and go to the Tools menu where you can select Update.

If an update is available, select it and follow the prompts to update.

Note: When updating state programs, federal programs may be updated as well.

Save your update file to your computer desktop.

Close H&R Block At Home and double-click the .exe file you downloaded and follow the prompts to complete the desktop installation.

Macintosh users may download an update from the H&R Block At Home Update Center. Locate the section For Macintosh, and click Download the most recent federal update then follow the on screen prompts to install the update.