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H&R Block is truly a diverse leader in tax preparation choices with local neighborhood offices all around the county as well as top rated online tax preparation and downloadable desktop tax software applications.

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As the best tax refund software brand for multiple choice tax preparation formats, H&R Block continues to stay on top of sales and customer satisfaction surveys every year.

H&R Block (NYSE: HRB) is a tax preparation company home based in the United States and claiming more than 22 million customers worldwide. With offices in Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom, the Kansas City-based company also offers banking, personal finance and business consulting services.

Founded in 1955 by brothers Henry W. Bloch and Richard Bloch, today they operate over 12,500 retail tax offices in the United States, plus another 1,400 abroad. They produce consumer tax software called H&R Block at Home (formerly TaxCut), as well as offering online tax preparation and electronic tax filing from their website for easy electronic tax return preparation choices.

By 1986, H&R Block was handling more than 10 million tax returns each year and had opened offices in Canada and Australia. That year, HR Block worked with the Internal Revenue Service to introduce electronic filing. Since then, the company moved further into the digital realm with tax software and online tax preparation. Beginning in the 1990s, the company began to expand into the financial services arena, offering mortgage loans, banking, and business services. In fiscal year 2007, Block reported revenue of $4 billion and was ranked 467 in the Forbes 500 list of top U.S. companies with a market capitalization of $6.45 billion.

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In May 2007, HR Block reported that the total number of U.S. clients served during that tax season reached a record 19.9 million, up 3.8 percent from the previous year as they employ over 90,000 tax preparation professionals threw ought their world wide offices. The company reported that their tax clients obtained a staggering US-$30 billion in tax refunds, credits and other government benefits. The company said it filed US-$10 billion worth of Earned Income Tax Credits for its low-income clients.

H&R Block continues to compete for a large share of the digital market with its online tax programs and downloadable or retail software editions. Other digital offerings include H&R Block's Best of Both, where clients enter their tax return information and do their preparation online, then allow an HRBlock tax professional to review, edit, sign and e-file the return for greater accuracy and peace of mind.

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